August 25, 2014 in Blog

Friends W/O Benefits – This Is Real (Exclusive Premiere!)

I’m back! Two blog posts in a week, surely this deserves some kind of medal or something. But no, it is you who is being rewarded! Your reward is in the form of an exclusive premiere of “This Is Real” from San Francisco based punk rock, “character” band, Friends Without Benefits. “With the power of

August 20, 2014 in Blog

Friends W/O Benefits – a lesson in how to get your band noticed

It’s been over a year since I’ve written anything – I’m a self-professed lazy blogger so to update any more frequently would be doing myself a disservice, right? Some lazy blogger logic there. I get lots of generic emails from PR agencies and bands; they all look the same, say roughly the same thing and when you’ve read it a thousand times before, there’s little motivation to listen to the band and even less to sit down to write about them.

With that said, something happened this week that got my attention…

August 29, 2013 in Blog

Album Review: Coney Island Sound – Klang!

When an album from an artist called Coney Island Sound pops into your inbox, you don’t expect them to be from Newcastle, do you? I doubt there’s ever been an artist from Coney Island who’s called themselves North Shields Sound. But as a wise man once said, never judge a book by its cover. Or

August 6, 2013 in Blog

Interview: Chatting with Chas Palmer-Williams

You may not be familiar with Chas Palmer-Williams just yet, at least not as a solo artist.  Following in the footsteps of other former punk band members turned solo troubadours (see Frank Turner, Chuck Ragan and Franz Nicolay), Chas was the singer in Lightyear; one of the most successful British ska-punk bands of the early

June 8, 2013 in Blog

Live Review: Cancer Bats, Gacy’s Threads @ Stiff Kitten, Belfast

The Stiff Kitten is rammed to the rafters with sweat, tattoos and beards; Cancer Bats are back in Belfast. Gacy’s Threads are the main support, receiving a heroes welcome from their hometown crowd. Gacy’s produce a barrage of chaotic metal; intense, dark and relentless and the crowd lap it up – a vicious circle pit,

February 8, 2013 in Blog

Album Review: Pure Love – Anthems

As the front-man of Gallows, Frank Carter was the poster boy for a disenchanted, pissed-off generation full of anger, hatred and rage. How times change, eh? Pure Love’s first single, Bury My Bones, opens with the line, “I’m so sick of singing about hate, it’s never gonna make a change!” setting the scene for Carter’s

June 11, 2012 in Blog

Live Review: Cursive, Kevin Devine @ Limelight, Belfast

It’s been a long time since Nebraska’s finest, Cursive played in Belfast. Six long years to be precise, and that was a festival slot. Kevin Devine’s not been here since 2008 either; “not since the big wheel was here”. But the wheels kept on spinning (or in this case, being dismantled) until finally the pair

April 24, 2012 in Blog

Live Review: Lostprophets @ Ulster Hall, Belfast

It’s a wet, windy Monday evening and Lostprophets are in Belfast for the second date of their tour. Rumour has it they were pumping iron in the local gym before taking to the stage – it’s only apt that they were preparing to treat us to a ‘gun show’ for their fifth studio release, Weapons.

April 12, 2012 in Blog

Live Review: Architects, Rolo Tomassi, Stray From The Path @ Speakeasy, Belfast

Brighton-based metalcore heroes, Architects, are on the road supporting the release of their fifth album, Daybreaker. This early evening affair gives Belfast’s under-agers a rare chance to get in on the action; from the girl being sick outside to the testosterone-fuelled pit-bravado – it’s safe to say the kids are a little too excited. New

April 5, 2012 in Blog

Live Review: Korn, Downlink, J Devil @ Mandela Hall, Belfast

The Mandela Hall is a relatively intimate setting for nu-metal pioneers Korn and it’s no surprise that tonight’s show sold out weeks ago. The mixture of young, old, metalheads and glow-stick wielders is a little more surprising but Korn are in transition; their latest release, The Path of Totality, is an experimental hybrid featuring the