August 20, 2014 in Blog

Friends W/O Benefits – a lesson in how to get your band noticed

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve written anything – I’m a self-professed lazy blogger so to update any more frequently would be doing myself a disservice, right? Some lazy blogger logic there. I get lots of generic emails from PR agencies and bands; they all look the same, say roughly the same thing and when you’ve read it a thousand times before, there’s little motivation to listen to the band and even less to sit down to write about them.

With that said, something happened this week that got my attention. An email landed in my inbox from MuddyPaw PR on behalf of Friends W/O Benefits, a punk rock “character” band from San Francisco.


Here’s how their email made me take notice:

1) It said they sound like Fugazi and Blood Brothers in bold in the first line, so I kept reading.

2) They offered me an exclusive premiere of a track from their new record in the second line, which is a pretty nice coup for any blog.

3) THEY RECORDED A SPECIAL PERSONALISED VIDEO MESSAGE FOR ME! Holy shit – how often do you receive something like this?

4) They’re releasing comic books instead of physical CDs. Everyone loves comics. Awesome.

They also included a bio and links to all their social media sites too, which is handy, but I would’ve probably never clicked on them if they hadn’t already told me about the stuff above first.

So yeah, they got my attention because they mentioned some bands I love straight away, gave me an incentive, made a personalised effort with the video (which is genuinely the coolest thing I’ve ever received from a band) and they’re posting me a comic book! Bands and PR folk take note – a little bit of effort and creativity goes a long way.

I’m really pleased to say we will be debuting “This is Real” on 25th August from their debut, available 4th September so come back and check it out on Monday for what will be my second blog post in a week. My lazy blogger title will be in jeopardy at this rate.

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